How long does the filter last?

Our experience has been that a filter lasts about three months of continuous freeze dryer use, but your experience could vary, depending on such things as the food you process and the amount you use your freeze dryer. You’ll know when it’s time to replace the filter when the oil begins flowing through it more slowly.

Where do I get replacement filters?

You can, of course, buy the filters from us, but there are also other options. They can be bought online from several companies, or even directly from auto parts stores.

Not all oil filters work with Harvey. You'll need one without an "anti drain back valve" (ADBV). Some options that should work: Wix 51525, CarQuest 85525, Napa 1525. Call ahead before going to the parts store as they don't always stock them.

We sell replacement filters in a 4-pack for $39.95, with free standard shipping to customers in the USA.


How soon can I get one?

Just order online using your credit card or a PayPal account. In most cases, we ship the day the order is received. Shipping is by UPS or USPS Priority Mail and depending on the distance, generally requires 1-3 days shipping time.

I just got my filter! How do I use it?

Just follow these simple instructions.