Keeps It Clean

Clean oil is key to preserving the life of your freeze dryer system. Harvey makes it simple and fast.

Easy to Use

Just pour the used oil in the top and clean oil appears in the bottom. Gravity does the work. Sit back and watch, your job is done.


Harvey uses filters designed to protect automobile engines. There’s a reason they call them oil 'filters', after all. You can trust that the job will be done right.

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How It Works

Using Harvey is easy. See how it makes filtering your oil simple and fast.

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Frequent Questions

A bit more information on how Harvey will make your life easier.

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What They Say

Wade says: "I ordered 'Harvey' before even receiving my freeze dryer. I've had my freeze dryer and filter one week and it seems to be working great. You can obviously see the difference, left jar is straight from pump after batch was complete. Right jar is oil after draining from the filter."

Brenda says: "I got mine just a few days ago. I'll never, ever go back to the charcoal method. I found it bothersome to try to balance the 3 liter bottle on top of the mason jar. And even after filtering it 5 times, it still did not come out as clean as it does with the Harvey kit. I love it. No messy clean up after each run through the filter either. Great product and VERY helpful customer service!"

We asked Brenda how Harvey compared to filtering with her homemade charcoal filter:

"OH! It's better by FAR!! For one, I didn't know about the freezing of the oil to remove the water, but even if I had, I was not getting these results even after re-filtering 5 or more times through the charcoal/quilt batting. The color is much, much better. Another problem with the charcoal system, at least for me, was getting that 3 liter bottle to balance on the quart mason jar. I picked up a few new words during that era, LOL. All in all, I'm thrilled and I can't wait to see how long this first filter lasts."

JoAnn says: "I have the Harvey Filter and love it. I previously used an inline filter and was having pump problems and just switched to Harvey. Super easy and fast and I can now filter after every batch!"

Jene says: "The Harvey does a very good job of filtering even though it is not a pressurized system and it is a very easy and clean (not messy) process."

RuthAnn says: "We love our Harvey Filter. We had a question about it and emailed "Harvey" and they spent lots of time with us on how to use it. Thanks!"

BexarPrepper says: "I really like the Harvey Filter. For an inexpensive alternative to having to change your oil and throw it away so very often, this is great. That looks like brand new."
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Our Guarantee

We worked hard to design a product that just works. No flash, no gimmics - just clean oil. Harvey is more than a filter - it's an investment for years of happy home freeze drying.

We think you'll be more than satisfied with your purchase and stand behind our product 100%. If for any reason you are not completely satisified with the product, simply return it to us within 30 days of the product arrival date and we'll refund your payment. No hassles. Be completely happy or we'll take it back. It's that simple.

About Us

Harvey is a labor of love. It was created to answer a challenge common to all freeze dryer owners: Reduce the cost of operation, simplify the maintenance, and prolong the life and efficiency of my freeze dryer system. By making it easy to filter and reuse vacuum pump oil, Harvey allows you to focus on what you really want to spend your time on -- preserving great food with our Harvest Right freeze dryer.

Best of all, Harvey is simple to use. Harvey works alone. There's no connections to make. Simple is good!

Through much research and testing, we eventually came up with a product that meets this challenge and we wanted to share it with other freeze-drying enthusiasts. Making the Harvey Filter available to you has become a family affair – providing and opportunity for my kids and grandkids to participate in turning a problem into a solution, a solution into a product and a product into a business.

We've had a lot of fun creating and building Harvey and hope it will find a home next to your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

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